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Using our Professional Dynametrics Program  (PDP) technology we create job models and position descriptions that identify key attitudinal and behavioral measures of success common to high-performing individuals. This integrated system identifies strengths and developmental opportunities for individuals and teams. 


It’s easy for organizations and individuals to stay within self-limiting comfort zones, which is why we use a  proprietary process called Increasing Behavioral FlexAbility (IBF). This process goes beyond talking about change and  teaches participants how to take personal responsibility for adopting attitudes and behaviors, and to set and achieve performance goals. 


Effective leadership calls for understanding personal leadership styles, ethical uses of power and influence, and conflict resolution skills. By assessing and diagnosing your natural strengths, we develop a Personal and Professional Development Initiative, which includes Succession Planning & Development and Leadership Coaching & Mentoring programs. 

Integrated Strategic Planning

The EDGE Cultural ArchitectsSM take you and your leadership team through a dynamic process that defines mission, vision, and values, as well as the organizational discipline best suited to achieving success in your environment. We use a proven approach to identify and analyze areas of improvement, strategic priorities, organizational objectives, financial projections, and more. 

Integrated Operational Planning

This is where we begin thinking about strategy. Division heads and department managers take the Strategic Objectives of the organization into their own areas to  align their unit goals with the overall Strategic Plan. This calls for identifying key result areas, action plans, performance measurement, and feedback systems. 

Succession Planning

Working with your organization’s top management, our Cultural Architects help you identify leadership needs —and the future leaders  who will fill them. Together we establish organizational development plans, individual successor development plans, and an administrative, technical and interpersonal skills curriculum

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