The Pillars of Cultural Architecture


EDGE Cultural ArchitectsSM works with you to identify the characteristics of successful people within your culture. When this happens, your people will be more productive and more excited to show up and contribute to your success. 


Our intention is to study and understand your current work atmosphere and identify areas of improvement. Then, we help you set up action plans for short and long-term success. 


Every organization has processes and policies, which are important for efficiency. However, it’s difficult to recognize when those same practices begin working against you. We help you build upon your existing structures for maximum improvement. 


 When you have the right people doing the rights thing in the right way, you’re able to maximize efficiency, which maximizes profits. EDGE helps you better optimize your resources, which increases productivity, as well as employee and customer satisfaction.

Grow With Us

Here at EDGE Cultural ArchitectsSM, we take a simultaneously philosophical and practical approach to organizational improvement. We believe that good and bad employees are usually a product of their environment, which is why we take our mission so seriously. Any company’s most important asset, and most common downfall, are its people. We want to make sure both the organization and the people can find the means to a living and a better way of life. 

A client once asked if we can make his people be better employees, to which we responded with “We won’t make your people better employees, but we can help your employees become better people, and in that process they will benefit your culture and performance goals.” We’re good at what we do, and we’ve perfected the ability to bring an objective perspective to the table.


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